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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-10-08 The Disneyland of Korea: Everland

So this past week in Korea, we had basically the whole week off. Monday, there was no school because of Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok), Wednesday was no school for a national holiday, Friday was no school because Yonsei was doing admissions testing that day and most teachers canceled their Tuesday class so students could spend more time with family. So the only day of class last week was Thursday!

That being said, I went to Everland on Wednesday! They were having a sale in which foreigners get 50% on tickets, meaning that I only had to pay about $20 for admissions. But man was that money well spent. Before I explain, it is basically a must to go to Everland while you are in Korea!

I ended up staying for 10 hours, until closing, and experienced a full day in that joyous land! I went on all the good rides: The Hurricane, Double something, an axe thing, the rolling x train, and of course the amazing T-express. If you haven’t heard of the T-express, it is one of the steepest roller coasters in Asia, I believe. I got to go on that one twice, once in the day and once in the evening (the evening ride was way more of a thriller than during the day). Although I can’t say much else about the rides, you have to go on them. It was nice that the map gave routes for the Thriller experience at Everland!

But what I wasn’t expecting was to be surprised when I got there. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be that good. Let me tell you, I was so wrong. One of my best experiences. Not only does Everland hold a plethora of rides, but there is a mini zoo/safari section that had lions and tigers and bears oh my. Okay not really, but there were polar bears, white tigers, monkeys, and seals! There was even a seal show! Is Korea creative or what?

Since it is October, everything was decorated for spook. In the evening there was a horror dance show on the streets. Korean horror is more comical than scary, but nonetheless it was awesome to see all the horror characters like the grudge, and skeleton Jack Sparrow. Although they had a horror maze, we missed the deadline to get in so another time it will have to be.

The phenomenal day ended with the light parade of things like Disney, but with some bugs and characters similar to the Disney princesses, and a gigantic fireworks display. Korea knows what they are doing when it comes to fireworks!

Overall, Everland is a must-go tourist place. As for the rest of the week, Psy performed a free concert at City Hall on Thursday night, which was crowded with literally thousands of people. I ended up not going, but I saw a number of pictures that showed how packed it was there. On Saturday there was a fireworks show along the Hangang river (that cuts through the city of Seoul) where it was estimated 300,000 people attended. One of the biggest gatherings of the year!

October is popping with amazing events, and it's only been a little over one week! So definitely keep posted! Happy Reading!

Dana Hellie

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