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Journals from Costa Rica Adventures Abroad 2012

2012-09-30 Weekend in the Caribbean

We have finished the whole month of September here in Costa Rica!  It is the last day of September, and the Linfield group and I just arrived home from our four-day field trip to the Caribbean. We were all so very lucky to have Sandy from IPO at Linfield attend this field trip with us!

                                      Sandy arrived around mid-week this past week.  She came to see how the semester was going here for us (such as classes, the group dynamic, etc.), and during her short time here we all had a good time with her. We all left for the Caribbean on Thursday at 6 a.m., and headed to Limon, Costa Rica.  That night we stayed in a very nice hotel, which overlooked the Caribbean Sea.  It was absolutely beautiful!  That night the group and I swam in the pool, ate a good BBQ dinner, and also attended a dance class.  The group and I, and Sandy too, learned a dance called Calypso.  Calypso is a mixture of different types of dances such as African dance, meringue, salsa, cumbia and regatón, which creates a lot of spice and flavor in this type of dancing.  I have to say everyone did a great job!

                The rest of the weekend, we visited places that were very interesting.  On Friday we went to a banana plantation and got to see the process of picking, sorting, and packaging the bananas.   Did you know it only takes 50 hours to ship the bananas from Costa Rica to the United States in a boat?  That’s pretty fast! On Saturday we all visited an indigenous tribe called the BriBris. We toured their wooden hut (which is three floors tall), ate lunch with them and saw some parts of their land.   We were all so fortunate to visit the hut of the Awa, the medicine man of the tribe, who explained his practices, and his position among the tribe.   My favorite part was when we all stood in a circle arm in arm around a small pile of wood and coals burning in the middle of the Awa’s hut, and sang a song of deep meaning.  It was a great opportunity to experience the old practices of a people so peaceful and kind, and very in tune with nature.   

Today, before we headed back to San Ramón, the professors took us snorkeling along the reef of Cahuita in the Caribbean.  The reef was big, and had all kinds of beautiful and colorful fish! At one point a couple other group members and I were even following a school of deep shiny blue fish.  These were almost identical to Dory in Finding Nemo, but I didn’t see any yellow on them.  After snorkeling, the boats dropped us off on shore, for a two-mile hike back to our bus.  The hiking trail was in a tropical forest, which lined the edge of the coast.  In the forest we saw monkeys, sloths and lots of lizards.  We also came to a point where we had to walk across water, and Jose gave Sandy a piggy-back ride across, since Sandy didn’t go snorkeling and wasn’t wearing clothing she could get wet.  It was such a cute moment! 

                These were some just some highlights from our weekend in Paradise with Sandy.  When we dropped her off at her hotel tonight, we had to say bye because she leaves early tomorrow morning. I just wanted to give a shout out to Sandy for coming, and a big thank you for listening and being so helpful!  Sandy also brought me delicious chocolates for my birthday coming up on the 4th of October!

Again, muchas gracias Sandy por todo! 

Pura Vida,


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