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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-08-28 Sleepovers in Korea

I had my first sleepover in Korea a few days ago. I have a friend who has a nice apartment in Dongminmun only 3 stops away from where I am. Since the summer was just about to close, we decided to meet up together for a sleepover. The dynamic of the group was amazing. We had a Korean from South Africa, another Korean from Togo, two people from Malaysia, and me from the States. It was an awesome night together. I got to make them some mac and cheese and jello for a midnight snack. One of my Malaysian friends had his first experience with mac and cheese that night and most of them hadn’t had jello in ages so it was a good way to share cultures. We stayed up to watch a two hour long show of a South African comedian named Trevor Noah. Here is just a clip of the entire show that we watched: We all ended up crashing at about 3am because we all had pretty long days, but for some reason we woke up at about 8am. I'm not sure why we all woke up so early. But the morning was started off with some Chinese-style eggs and rice with kimchi and then two movies. We watched “Battleship” and “Intouchable,” Two very different movies. One was to wake us up and the other was because we were going to watch that one all along but postponed it for about 18 hours. All in all, sleepovers in Korea are just like the sleepovers I had in the States: super chill with funny moments to talk about for an entire week.

Dana Hellie

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