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Journals from Oslo, Norway - Our Shared European Cultures

2012-08-18 Velkommen til Oslo!

When preparing to study abroad, to any country, many things go through ones head. Things like: "Can I really do this?" or "How will I be able to function!?" These thoughts, and many many many more flew through my head this summer before I left America for Norway. I thought, "Oh my goodness, Norway, Laura?! What made you go to Norway!?" But then a full day of travel and one 40 minute bus ride into the city center answered that question for me. Because its an adventure, because its beautiful, because how many people can say they studied abroad in OSLO!? Not many. So far, I have learned to use SOME of the public transportation. I have even been able to go to the downtown shopping center and back all by myself! Thankfully every one here can speak English. And I mean every one! So if I ever do get lost all I have to do is ask some one. The only problem I have with that is when they use meters. One time I got lost and asked for directions. The couple that I asked was very helpful! They responded with "Oh yes! That is about 300 meters down the street and to your left!" I said thank you and went on my way. It wasn't until a little bit later that I had know Idea what 300 meters looked like! I had never wished I had paid more attention in elementary school then I did in that moment. A lot of my life right now in Oslo, well more specifically, in St. Hanshaugen, is mostly me figuring out where things are, how to get to school, basically how to function like a normal Oslo citizen. I am loving this experience so far! 

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