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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-06-25 Summer Time

Less than one week into summer and there is already so many new adventures that I have been on. The first day I went to the Incehon Beach about 20 minutes away from the airport after sending a couple of my friends off. We were able to try some crazy seafood like alive octopus and these tongue looking things that also moved. He tried to tell us what it was but we couldn't figure it out. I believe this is what it is [] 

Some weird stuff. I also had it in Jeju too (but that time I had to eat it on a dare, it was actually just like the taste of the alive octopus). Anyway, the first day was an adventure.

But so far its been all about the food. Finally, being able to get out of the Sinchon area and branch out to all these other places with my friends who have lived here longer and know all the hot spots to go to. Such beautiful friends I have been making.

Going to Busan next week so look forward to that post :)


Dana Hellie

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