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Journals from Bø, Norway Spring '12

2012-03-18 Norwegian Sky

I sometimes find myself wondering what I am doing here in Norway; wondering if I should've sucked it up and retaken Spanish 301 and gone to Costa Rica. I often feel bored and/or lonely. But then, as I'm reminding myself that a less-than-exciting experience is an experience nonetheless, I look up and all negative thoughts are pushed aside. It is the nature that attracts most people to Norway, and the nature that keeps me going.

It is so beautiful here! Bø is surrounded by mountains/foothills which provide gorgeous views from all over town. Breisås, where I live, has possibly the best view of all, though, since it is on top of a large hill. I love that I can be sitting at my desk and then just look up and be blown away by the natural beauty in front of me. The walk to and from school is littered with amazing landscapes and panoramas that never cease to astound me (except for on cloudy days when everything is obscured or hidden).

I don't understand how the Norwegian sky can be as pretty as it is. Almost every day ends with a breathtaking sunset. Many times I have been Skyping with my mom and drifted out of the conversation due to the mesmerizing sky. If I happen to be walking back home during the sunset I spend the entire walk swiveling my head, trying to soak it all up.

As the snow melts, the landscape changes, but the beauty stays. With the sun rising earlier and staying up longer I hope to spend more time out in the nature that I have come to appreciate.


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