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Journals from Oaxaca, Mexico

2012-02-28 Semana Numero Cuatro!

Hello again,

life in Oaxaca continues to be incredible! First of all, the food is delicious. My host mom is an amazing cook and has made me a lot of traditional food. Today for the first time I tried Mole, which is a famous traditional sauce here. I liked it a lot! Also, last week at the market I tried a chapulin (grasshopper), which was not my favorite but a lot of people here are crazy for them. I had to at least try it!

 Last weekend I went out with a few of the group members to a salsa club called Candela, which was a lot of fun. There were quite a few professionals who were amazing to watch. We just learned the basic steps but I think we did pretty well considering it was our first time dancing salsa!

This past Friday we had our first excursion to a small indigenous town in the mountains called Tlahuitoltepec, where the people have their own type of government, independent from that of the state, and where, for the first time in that region, a woman has been elected president. We had the opportunity to meet with her and ask her some questions about their election process, called “uses y costumbres”, in which the people of the town have assembles to nominate candidates to run for office. We also got to watch their flag ceremony in the afternoon during which a group of students played their instruments, and there was even a funeral procession in which the coffin was carried up the road and the people followed behind carrying flowers.

On Saturday I helped set up for and went to a baby shower with my host sisters, which was a lot of fun. There were a lot of games, the most entertaining of which (in my opinion) involved three couples racing to feed a jar of baby food to their partners but with their eyes closed. It was a good opportunity to get to know some good friends of the family better and meet a few new people.

Well that’s all for now. Nos vemos!

Emmy Elliott


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