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Journals from Bø, Norway Spring '12

2012-02-27 Viko: Studentuka

This past week, from the 17th to the 26th, has been student week here in Bø. There were multiple events each day, some free and some not. I went to as many events as I could while also keeping my finances in mind. Overall, this week was really fun but also pretty tiring.
Friday- There was a Viko kick-off in the kantina, which was basically just a preview of all of the upcoming events. That night was the premiere of the revy. Revy translates to Revue, which Google informs me is a show that combines comedy, music, and sketches. That is exactly what the show was. It was really fun! Of course everything was in Norwegian which meant that some of the jokes were lost on me, but they were all expressive enough to get the idea across, and the musical bits were enjoyable despite the language barrier. The party afterwards was free for anyone who had already paid for the show, so some friends and I hung around. I had some interesting conversations with Norwegians which was fun!

Saturday- I didn't participate in any of the Viko events on this day. There was a good sounding concert that night, but I wanted to save my money for something later on. So instead I had a fun night with some friends in Breisås.

Monday- On this day there was a diving and slacklining contest at the pool! It was really fun to watch. Most of the diving competition seemed to be about who could splash the judges the most. I wish they had done more slacklining. Only one guy made it all the way across the pool. It was really impressive because the line seemed really loose.

Tuesday- I went to a taco/pizza buffet with friends. It was a Viko event, but it also happens regularly at Pizzafjoset (which is also where the folk dancing is held every Wednesday night). Maybe it was cheaper or something for Viko, but I think it was mostly just setting a time for people to get together. The pizza was okay (onions, red pepper, mushrooms, corn). After eating I went to the store and bought a caffeinated beverage and candy because that night was the all night volleyball tournament!  My friends and I got there at 10pm to cheer on our other friends and left around 3am. I wanted to stay longer because I had a lot of energy and was having fun cheering, but I left when my friends did.

Wednesday- In the afternoon there was a meeting to plan International Day, and then the weekly coffee hour. Then at night there was a talent competition which was free for international students. Some of the acts were really really good! Production was pretty slow so there was a lot of waiting, but luckily I was there with people that I like to talk to. It ended up being another late night, but I had fun.

Friday- This was the day of Ta sjansen! Ta sjansen means "take a chance" and was a crazy sled competition. Teams of at least 6 crafted sleds and then rode down a hill by the school. The winner was the team that got to the bottom and rung the bell in the least amount of time (this year's winners were in kayaks). Sadly by this day almost all of the snow had melted, but it was super entertaining anyway. Two groups of friends had sleds: a pirate ship, and a viking ship. They both crashed pretty quickly, but they looked good doing it!

Saturday- Saturday night was so much fun!! We showed up to Kroa and no one else was there, which was a little worrisome. We considered leaving, but since we had already paid we stuck it out, and I'm sure glad we did. The opening band was great! I wish I knew who they were because I want to look them up. It brought me back to high school concerts and the Legion Hall. I got to dance, and it was my kind of music. Then there was a break before the main band, Casiokids, came on. The band apparently started in Bergen but is now popular all over Norway. It's hard to describe there music. The only band that I can think of to compare them to is Passion Pit. Basically it was really good dance/electro/afro-beat music. I completely let loose and danced my heart out! It was so great. There were balloons which the singer would hand to us after they ended up on stage. We later learned, when people came on stage with cake and hats, that the balloons were for one of the band numbers who was celebrating his 30th birthday. I felt so lost when the whole audience started singing! I guess it was the Norwegian birthday song, but I had no idea what to do, and they all spun at one point. But after that it was just even more of a party! The people just stayed on stage and played random instruments and danced around. So much fun!!! A great ending to the week.

~Nora Burnfield~

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