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Journals from Spring and Fall, 2012 South Korea

2012-02-26 The Beginning in Korea


It’s been almost one week that Jenna, Scarlett and I have been in the Sinchon district of Seoul, South Korea.  We have already experienced much of the lifestyle in Korea and have met up with many international students (the only other people really on campus right now since classes don’t start until March 2nd --- yes, school begins on a Friday here). Across several days, orientation included introductions from the office of international affairs’ (OIA) vice president, Jongryn Mo, a tae kwon do performance, culture shock awareness, safety, traditional music performance, and all necessary information to settle in comfortably into Yonsei.

Throughout the STEP Program (Orientation), there were several student-led clubs holding events for international students to get to know Yonsei and Korea. The first club I participated in is called the Yonsei Mentors Club. This club organizes international students with Yonsei student members to meet with throughout the year. Each mentor has 3-5 mentees and works with 4 other mentors to create a cell that can interact as a group for monthly hangouts. The first day was introductions. I met with my cell to eat dinner at (Yukaneh). At this restaurant, like many restaurants in Korea, have a fry pan (as pictured) at the table where the waiter cooks the meal in front of you. We had a dish that included chicken and rice cakes in spicy sauce. After the meat was done cooking the waiter came by with a platter of rice and mixed all the rice together with the meat to create dinner! Even though it is spicy, you just can’t help eating more of their delicious foods.

The Mentors club also held an event that Friday, the cheering orientation. It was about a three-hour event to experience the Blue Knights (the cheerleading team of Yonsei University) and learn all the Yonsei University cheers for sporting events and competitions against Korea University (Yonsei’s rivals).  Although I didn’t count the number of cheers/songs that Mentors club and the Blue Knights were teaching me, I am sure there were at least 20 of them. This is a short new clip about Akaraka (practice for a cheering competition) that I was able to find on youtube that can give you a glimpse at how proud the students at Yonsei University are about their college! [ ] Definitely need to step it up at Linfield.

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Dana Hellie

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