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Journals from Oaxaca, Mexico

2012-02-17 Our first 10 days in Mexico!

Here we are in Mexico! We’ve only been here a little over a week so far but I already feel like there’s so much to tell! We arrived in Mexico City on the 7th and stayed in a hotel there until the 11th. During our time there we visited the site of Teotihuacan, el Museo del Templo Mayor, el Palacio Nacional, el Museo Nacional de Antropología, and the house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I especially loved visiting Teotihuacan because it has such a long history and it’s amazing to me that such an old site still exists today. Also, it was so fun to climb the pyramids and see the beautiful views once we reached the top. Another thing I really enjoyed was visiting the house of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and seeing the murals painted by Rivera at the Palacio Nacional. Being an art major and having learned a lot about their lives and their work, I thought it was such a great experience to be there in person.

From the city we took a bus down to Oaxaca, and our host families picked us up at the station Saturday evening. I live with my host mom, Yolanda, her daughter Lupita, who is 32, and her grandson, Armando, who is 11. It’s been great getting to know them so far! They are so sweet and I already feel at home here. My first night here they took me to the zocalo, which is where the life of the city is; there were music, food carts, restaurants and a ton of people. We even saw a parade!

We just got done with our first week of classes. They’re all in Spanish, so they’re a little difficult, but I’m sure they’ll get easier with time. I already feel like I’m understanding Spanish better and picking up a few new words.

I’m looking forward to this weekend! Today we went to a market called el 20 de noviembre, where there are a ton of vendors selling food, clothing, jewelry and much more, all handmade. . . .We’ll see what else these next few days bring!

¡Hasta luego!

Emmy Elliott

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