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Journals from HHPA/HESC 398 Island Health Care: Type 2 Diabetes in the Bahamas January Term 2012

2012-01-18 A day to catch up.

Today was a very low-key day for us, and the activity level of our trip so far is starting to take a toll on all of us! We all woke up and exercised before breakfast, same as usual, and then went to two presentations from a high school class afterward. They did some studies about temperature affecting fish, and another study about lion fish in the Caribbean. Apparently, not many studies have been done about it, but they know that it it is an invasive species and it has no known predators in the Caribbean, so they reproduce very quickly with nothing to keep the population in check, and they eat all of the native species and are throwing off the ecosystem. They think that exotic fish owners are the root of the problem, because the lion fish eat all of the other fish in the tanks so people toss them into the ocean and they reproduced from there. Interesting!!

Then we all did some prepping for a busy day tomorrow, with some presentations and a small wellness fair, so we spent most of the day doing that. All of us were so tired too, so I spent some of my free time in bed reading. It was kind of cloudy today too, so I think that may have had something to do my being less energetic than usual. This was also the first day that all of us complained about the cold weather…I remember first getting to the Bahamas and jumping into the ocean after arriving at the hotel and thinking it was so warm and being amazed that people were wearing wool hats and sweaters. But it has gotten to the point where we all wore sweatshirts yesterday and wanted to stay inside because it felt too cold for us. It was windy, though, which added to the chilliness–but the bugs are gone!

We still worked up the energy to go out to Plum Creek, where we hiked a ways and hung out by the water. Some people jumped into the water and floated down, and it really did look like fun; but I didn’t want to get out the water and have to sit in the wind for a while, so I explored the beach a bit instead and wandered up and down. The sand was amazing there, so I did a little bit of barefoot running to soak it in. After dinner, we all got together again and prepared for our big day tomorrow. I am wiped, so I think I will be falling asleep fairly easily tonight.


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