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2011-12-29 Goodbye, My Favorite City: Hong Kong

During final weeks, students have lots of optional places to go for study besides the libraries: the Pacific Coffee (near student residence halls), 19th floor and 1st floor of residence halls. The way students take finals here is interesting but intense, because there are usually hundred of students taking exams on different subjects during the same time period at one place (etc. soccer field). Sometimes, people will have finals on the weekends. Even though most exchange students are done with their finals, no one really wants to leave the most vibrant city in the world. None of us expected we could ever fall in love with the people, places, and experience we’ve encountered in such a city as this. All of my friends and I agreed that we have enjoyed the best time of our lives so far in Hong Kong. The transportation here is convenient enough for us to travel and experience metropolitan life from walking, MTR, bus, mini-bus, taxi to ferry. As shopping, people can find anything here from a high-end shopping mall (Tsim Sha Tsui area) to cheap goods at night markets. Besides, there are tons of grocery stores at all prices, from 24hr seven-eleven to all-imported supermarkets; thus you almost will never get homesick for food. There are also a lot of nice restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the city. Most important, the reason we all love Hong Kong is the people we've met here. Back home, we have rare chances to meet people from Asia and Europe. At HKBU, all the exchange students from different continents, countries and cultures gather together to get a taste of everyone’s culture. It is not only about physically exchanging oneself with another foreign country, but also spiritually sharing faith and values with the others as a whole. Four months in Hong Kong means more than just an exchange program, it entails a spiritual and inspiring pilgrimage where people lose, find and rebuild cosmopolitan and enthusiastic being-human-beings.



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