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2011-12-29 December's Finals

The end of my four-month abroad time in Hong Kong is getting so close. At HKBU, all the classes end at the end of November, and we will have the first week of December to study for finals. All the exams will happen in the following two weeks. Luckily enough, I do not have any test until the third week of this month so I decided to travel with my friends to Singapore and Malaysia. Likewise, some other students are also planning on traveling to places like Shenzhen, Vietnam and Thailand. It is so wonderful to have time to prepare ourselves mentally and physically before exams, and it is also a great way keep students’ life balanced between study and relaxation/exploration on and off campus, in and/or outside of the city. During the semester, the International Office and the student ambassadors often organize various events and activities for the exchange students. For instance, there is an event called Global Café every Tuesday evening. Each Global Café happens at different locations on campus and each one has a special theme. We learned how to write calligraphy, wrap dumplings, taste Hong Kong street snacks as well as compete in a dancing performance. The last Global Café is the farewell party where students could look back and reflect on self-growth they’ve been through during their time in Hong Kong. The International Office is being quite thoughtful; they give each one of us a copy of CD that has dozens of selected pictures from this fall. Similarly, each hall tutor has his or her unique way to help the residents get relaxed from finals. My floor is going to have a field trip to Sai Kung, a beautiful and tranquil suburban area in Hong Kong; and then we will have a floor dinner (known as Pass GPA3 dinner) together. On the same line, the student ambassador of my crew is going to take us to a Tuesday special $10HKD taco place. Life in Hong Kong: no matter how busy and stressful people become, there is always so much excitement happening around us, even in finals month. 

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