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Journals from Costa Rica

2011-12-24 Hasta Luego

December 10-12

                We spent the last few days around town buying last minute gifts and going to our favorite places one last time. We are all trying to spend as much time with our friends or host families before we leave and putting off goodbyes for as long as possible. I am finding that I have to say goodbye to someone or someplace almost every day this week, I hate it. Leaving Costa Rica is not going to be an easy task, and I am not exactly sure how I should feel. On the one hand I am excited to see my family and go home for Christmas, because there are so many foods I am dying to eat and things I have dearly missed.  However, on the other hand I am truly so sad to leave. My experience here has been one of the best of my life, it feels so cliché to say that but in truth there is no better way to put it. The things I have seen and experienced, the people I met, all that I have learned, I love it here, my host family, the friends I have made, the weather, the beauty.  Saying goodbye to everyone has been horrible, I hope that in the future I have the chance to see all these people again, but you never really know for sure where life will take you. It’s funny how I feel right now, comparing the night before I leave this country I have grown to love so much, to the night I felt when I was leaving the States. I am not sure what I am going to miss most, how I am going to fit in or in this case back in, but now I have the added loss of not knowing when I will be back.

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