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2011-12-24 Finals Time Abroad

Finals Abroad

November/ December 28- 4      

After getting back from our Thanksgiving break we went into our last week of classes. It was a rough week; we had two papers to write, the longest I have ever written in Spanish, and presentations to prepare for. Not to mention the looming final exams we had to start preparing for the following week. But of course we got through it and Friday we got to go to a coffee plantation and learn about the process of how coffee is made, and the best part, taste the final product. That weekend I went with my host family to their house in the country. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the weekend was enjoyable. There were lots of new birds that I had yet to see and I had a nice quite place to study for the coming week of finals. 

December 5-9

 The set-up for finals week here is different than at the Linfield campus; we had a final each day Monday-Thursday instead of having multiple exams in one day. This was nice because we had a full afternoon to prepare, or to focus solely on the next day's final; however, the down side was it spread out finals over four days instead of just getting them over with, which meant we didn’t have a lot of free time during our last week. Also, with the exception of our service class all of our finals were actually exams, something I have never had before. For our service class we had oral presentations, and no exam. After finals some of us celebrated by taking one last trip to the beach Thursday night; we decided not to travel our last weekend so as to spend time with our families in our last days here.

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