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Journals from Costa Rica

2011-12-06 Tropical Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Panama November 18-26

For our Thanksgiving break we decided to go to Panama; after seeing Nicaragua we wanted to compare the country to our southern border as well. We ended up splitting onto two groups for the first half of the trip. Half of the group went to see the canal and half went to a city called Boquetes, a small mountain town where there are lots of outdoor activities available. The border crossing ended up being much simpler than we had anticipated, since this time we had to do it on our own, but the bus ride was long! I was among the group that went to Boquetes, it was a great weekend--we had a perfect balance of activity and relaxing. We definitely needed that after the last couple weeks of constant homework, with our looming final projects and exams due the week we would be getting back from break. After the first weekend the group all met up in Bocas del Toro, a group of islands of the Caribbean coast of Panama. We stayed there for five nights and had great luck with the weather.

The day of Thanksgiving was a little hard for everyone. Family was sorely missed but we made the best of it and treated ourselves to a fancy dinner on the main island. I ate lobster and prawns, which wasn’t turkey but was still quite tasty. For our last day we had perfect weather and spent the whole day on the beach; we built sand castles, played volleyball, and played in the ocean one last time. We were all really sad to leave. Even though it was hard being away from our families for the holidays it was an amazing week; I don't feel we could have planned it any better, or had better luck. Now it’s back to the reality of finals, and going home.

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