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Journals from Bø, Norway

2011-12-06 Cherish the Little Things

Cherish the Little Things:

                Each day in Norway is flying by! I wish I could slow time down, but I’ve realized that the best thing I can do now it to cherish the little things that I love about Norway. So in the past few days I have started making a list, and here is what I have so far…

  1. Norwegians ability to trust: I go to a farm close to my housing to get eggs and you can simply go into the barn, take 30 eggs, leave 50 kroner and head out. I have never experienced systems like this back in the U.S. It makes you feel so safe and comfortable in this country.
  2. The Curtains: There are no single colored curtains in Norway, all of them have designs like they are from the 90’s!
  3. The phrase vær så god: Norwegians use the phrase often to say you’re welcome or here you go, but directly translated is means “to be so good”…simple and meaningful!
  4. The Norwegian Kids: They are always wearing their rain boots and raincoats or they are bundled up in their snowsuits playing outside in the cold with such freedom. I get the joy of walking past the elementary school every day.
  5. The accessibility to the Outdoors: It doesn’t matter where you live; you always have access to hiking trails. In Grivi (where I live), I can walk down the road 5 minutes and there are hiking trails along the river. At Breisås (the other student housing), there are tons of trails to lakes just right out the back door. Even in a big city like Bergen, there are plenty of hiking trails just up on the mountain, a 15-minute tram ride away.
  6. Norwegians always have a thermos: Whether you are out on a hike, at school or on the train, the Norwegians will have their thermos with them filled with rich and flavorful coffee or tea.
  7. Norwegian Competiveness: During sports they are extremely intense and competitive, but they are also the kindest, most helpful teammates. Also, they are competitive during sports, but it does not follow into the outdoors…that is all a part of the concept of friluftsliv.
  8. The pride in their country: They show it by wearing clothes with the Norwegian flag, driving a car with the flag painted on the roof and just by defending the country passionately. Norwegians also showed their love of the country this summer after the shootings in Oslo.
  9. The friendly train conductors: Almost all Norwegians are extremely helpful and friendly, but the train conductors are exceptionally great! They make traveling in Norway so enjoyable…they find you seats so everyone can sit together; they bring you plates and napkins when you’re having a snack and they wake you up when you’re close to your stop. So wonderful!
  10. The water: Even in the city it tastes like its coming right from the mountain (which it probably is). When you are out on trips you can drink pretty much any water that you find and it is so refreshing!

There is so much more, but just thought I would share a few things! Only a couple weeks left in this fantastic place…

Ha det bra,


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