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Journals from Bø, Norway

2011-11-28 Adventures in the UK

In the midst of classes, papers and projects I arranged some time to go travel in the UK. One of my friends from Wales was planning on going home for a week and  I was lucky enough to have the chance to spend a couple days with him in Cardiff. Afterwards, I went to London to meet up with my parents for a few days until they came to visit me in Norway.

                Traveling outside of Norway was exhausting. Since Bø is in the middle of nowhere, you must take either the train or the bus for 2 hours to an airport. Luckily, everywhere in Norway is so beautiful that all of the travel is enjoyable. I chose to fly with Ryan Air even though I had heard a few horror stories from friends, but it’s too hard to resist the prices. Everything went well, though, and I had no problems with the airline. After taking a train to Cardiff, I finally met up with my friend and was treated to an awesome dinner and all the comforts of a cozy home.

                After getting a great night’s sleep, I was ready to go into tourist mode and begin touring the city. We visited the Cathedral, the bay, the Wales Millennium Center (Opera House), the National Assembly for Wales and the Cardiff Castle. The Castle was really fun to tour; there was a lot of history and beauty and we got a great view of the city of Cardiff!  At the end of the day, we enjoyed a party at their house for his sister’s birthday. It was really nice to be able to talk to so many people from the area and also tell them all about my life in the U.S. Having the opportunity to stay with someone from the country you are visiting is great because you get to know so much more about the country and its people… and you also get delicious homemade food :)

                The next three days I spent in London. At first all of the people and chaos were overwhelming, and I was wishing that I was back in little Bø, Norway. However, after I got used to using the underground system and the massive amounts of people, I enjoyed myself much more. During my time in London, I got to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Big Ben, and I shopped around Piccadilly Circus. When I met up with my parents we took a tour of the Tower of London, and since we are huge tennis fans we toured Wimbledon as well. It was a great experience to be in such a huge city and see all the history!

                Although the trip was awesome, I was excited to be back in Norway with all my friends. It’s starting to get a bit stressful here because of all the papers and presentations we have to prepare along with attempting to make last-minute trip plans in Norway and sorting out things back in the U.S. It’s hard to keep out of your mind that time in Norway is limited, so I want to do everything that I can while I’m here which makes getting school work done very hard. I’m glad I have my friends here to keep reminding me that I am here for school and I still need to make it a priority. It has been a struggle this past week to face the fact that I have to return home soon; it is going to be extremely hard to leave everything here behind...jeg elsker Norge!


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