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2011-11-26 Busy November


November has been the busiest month for me since I got here. It is the last month for classes and the last full month for one-semester exchange students to explore Hong Kong. During November, some people need to continue working on their mid-term assignments and the others need to get ready for final exams, which start from the second week of December. Interestingly, students in Hong Kong graduate in  early November; thus there is also a three-day graduation ceremony at the beginning of the month. As for our academic life, we have a lot of group-based assignments and projects, whereas individual work covers only minimum percentages toward the final grades. Given that, people often have to meet on the weekends for group meetings and some of them even have to travel by taking MTR, boat and/or buses, which is quite different from the walking distances of academic life at Linfield. Additionally, some students even have class during the evening and on the weekends. Last week, there was even an early morning presentation at three thirty in the morning while there was another group meeting going on in another room. Coming from a relaxing city, it is quite interesting and thought-provoking to cross the normal routine and experience another side of living philosophy. It is amazing to see how well developed a small city like Hong Kong has been. The student life here, whether it is on or off campus, is equally exciting. For example, the school organizes various activities throughout the entire semester, such as a diverse cultures festival, social issues of fashion, and a Chinese art exhibition. Moreover, there are four different halls for students who live in the dorm: Sung Hall, Yang Hall, Zhou Hall and Cai Hall. Each hall organizes their own activities and events and designs their own t-shirt and jacket. This month, my hall (Yang Hall) had a High Table event where all Yang Hall students would be gathered together for a formal and fancy dinner at a nice hotel in the city. Not only is it a good way to engage people to conduct social networking but also help college students be well prepared for future business or other formal occasions. Before the High-Table event, there was even a “Table Manners Workshop” offered through the dormitory council. One last reason this is a busy month is because there is my birthday and Thanksgiving during this time of the year. At the beginning of each month, my floor would hold a BBQ party at the rooftop of the South Tower I live in and celebrate birthdays with people who were born in the month. The rooftop is free and open for all students, and it has a very relaxing and beautiful place to hang out with friends while enjoying a nice view of Hong Kong in the evening. On Thanksgiving, all the exchange students from the US held a Thanksgiving potluck party in the dorm; it was quite a memorable evening for every exchange friend to be thankful for each other's presence in Hong Kong. I am thankful for the International Programs Office at Linfield College that gave me the opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong and meet all the wonderful people at HKBU! 


Moni Tang 

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