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2011-11-25 The Holiday Season


Grüß Gott,

Something special about November here in Vienna it is the start of the holiday season.  Normally in the United States, November is the start of the holiday season as well, but it usually starts with Thanksgiving.  The Linfield students were lucky enough to have a Thanksgiving dinner but in general for Austria, in November it is the direct start of preparing for Christmas.  It is a different feel compared to the States but quite exciting.  One of the most amazing things to see are the ever-famous Christmas markets.  The markets are composed of outdoor stands and stalls that have various different items for sale.  The markets note the beginning of the holiday season and everyone waits with anticipation for them to begin. 

Normally the markets are ready mid- to late November.  They are scattered throughout the city and they are the place to be!  During the holiday season people, Viennese and tourists alike, go to the markets to enjoy the festivities.  It becomes the social meeting point of the season where people can enjoy hot food with friends or family in the cold air, while looking at all the various Christmas items for sale.  And as a person strolls along they can also see all the illuminated Christmas decorations and trees.  I know these markets have become a favorite spot for the Linfield students to spend time, especially as we wrap up the end our semester abroad!


Stephanie Raso, class of 2013

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