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Journals from China-Studies Institute, Beijing

2011-11-23 A Weekend in Shanghai

November 10, 2011

Hello readers! I write to you today with the knowledge that I’m going to take a weekend trip to Shanghai tomorrow! Our train leaves from the Beijing South Station at 2 p.m. and will arrive at Shanghai around 7 in the evening. We’re taking the bullet train, which I’ve heard is beautiful. A bunch of people in our program went this past weekend, and they came back bursting with stories. We’re also staying at the Marriott, which was kind of pricey but I’m going to enjoy it so much it doesn’t matter.

Also, I found out that there’s a hospital practically on campus. I went to get a checkup today because I have had an annoying cold for a while now, and one of the teachers came with me. Beijing is run on cards. In order to get treated there, you need to load 50 rmb onto a hospital card, which you take around with you as you see your doctor. I also had to get my blood tested, and I needed the card for that too. The way they take your blood here is they prick your finger and squeeze it until drops of bright blood come out, then the doctor put a thin plastic straw to it and the straw filled up with the blood. Anyways, it was painful but stopped bleeding very quickly. After that, in order to get medicine, you need to go back to the front desk and swipe your card at a machine. Then your name will be called when your medicine is ready.

My cold is going to get owned, because the pills I got consist of 6 in the morning, 4 in the afternoon, and 4 at night. I’m basically going to have pills for breakfast.

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