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2011-11-23 Seeing another side of myself


The experience of studying abroad in Hong Kong is similar to going on a sacred pilgrimage. We not only learn about different cultures but also gain the chances to unfold the hidden side of our egos. At HKBU, I am taking four classes but none of them has a direct connection with the areas I study at Linfield. Not surprisingly, I have been through a lot of challenges and misunderstandings throughout the learning process. However, they each provide me a potential to stretch myself and aspire toward an unknown side of self. To illustrate, I am taking a Chinese Art Studio class, where students learn hands-on experience in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Chinese art is quite different from western arts, where the former emphasizes more on the connection and inspiration between the artwork and the artist. To put it in another way, Chinese art can be seen as a means to convey the soul of art to a person’s mind. For example, calligraphy propels me to stay focused on the rhythm of motion, clarity and shifting space between the written characters in the process. It brings me a moment of Zen where I can transform and purify the mind, set forth to the unknown. Similarly, my music class “Jazz, Blues, and Broadway,” invokes my sense of deep appreciation to music and all entertainment in daily life. In general, all the classes I am taking in Hong Kong enable me to aspire a better way to look at and appreciate the art of life than the one I have always taken for granted. In addition, there are tons of other inspiring opportunities outside of school here. For instance, I learned how to taste wine from the local Wine and Dine Festival (Legal drinking age is 18 here). The school (the International programs office here) offers varied opportunities such as baking and cooking classes. Last month, some students attended a class teaching how to make ice cream moon cake; this month, I am going to attenda  class teaching how to bake wife cake and Hong Kong styled egg roll. Life abroad is all about inquiring,  wondering, and exploring for and within oneself. 

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