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Journals from Costa Rica

2011-11-17 Eye openers

Weeks 8-9 Oct 17-31

            These last couple of weeks we didn’t have a ton on the schedule, which ended up being both a blessing and a curse. It was great, in part, because we really needed the break. We have been non-stop between traveling and doing homework since we arrived. It was great not to have a crammed schedule and to just be able to finally have some down time. On the other hand, until we slowed down I don’t think we really had the chance to realize how much we miss home. I can’t speak for the entire group, but I know by the end of week nine, after not having a completely full schedule, I was feeling really homesick and ready to be busy again. Just in time to cure my homesickness was our school trip to Nicaragua. We left on Halloween, which disappointingly wasn’t really a big deal  here, and started our last big school trip of the semester.

Week 10 Nov. 1-6

            My time in Nicaragua is hard to express. I have put off writing this journal because I am not sure exactly how to sum up my experience there. Although we stayed in the nicer cities and nice hotels, it was impossible not to notice the whole new level of poverty there. Everywhere we went there were people trying to sell things to us. It wasn’t just so much that they were constantly pestering us to buy things, but more that it was clear they needed us to buy them. Apart from how struck I was by the poverty, we learned a lot about the history. We visited a city called Granada, by far one of the coolest cities we have visited. It looked like it had been taken out of Europe and randomly dropped off in the middle of Nicaragua. I enjoyed the time we spent there and feel that it was an experience that definitely made an impact on my life. 

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