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2011-11-16 Bath and Stonehenge

There are many theories around how and why it came to be. Some believe it to be the work of aliens while others accredit giants and sorcerers. Truth is, to this day, its creation and purpose remain mysteries. I stood there watching it, fascinated by its secrecy. There was something entrancing about the prehistoric monument. Stonehenge rendered an incredible sight. The morning of our visit the sky was grey and the fog layered over the countryside. From a distance the monument seemed small. I tried to make out the silhouettes of the stones through the fog. There was nothing in sight for miles, just the monument, enclosing green hills and the road we used to get there. As we got closer we were able to fully take in the monumental size of the structure. Each bit of stone perfectly positioned and impressively large. I could now see why people found this site so remarkable. The realization that it was constructed in ancient times, when only the most primitive of tools were available, was amazing. It was almost as if for just a moment, away from it all, we had traveled back to ancient times.

Our next stop was the city of Bath, well known for its beautiful architecture and hot springs. Here we were able to visit a Roman bath. From the outside it looked as though the bath would be small, but once we entered we realized it was actually very big. We walked through the building admiring the ancient structure, imagining how it had looked to the Romans. I was especially excited because we had just learned about the importance of Roman baths in my archeology module. Getting to experience it in real life was much better than just reading about it. We toured the different baths, the changing rooms, the temple, and the museum and sat by the warm water. We were Romans for the day, enjoying a relaxing time at the spa. Both Bath and Stonehenge were unforgettable trips, and as I think about our next big trip, I am filled with excitement. Our December break is quickly approaching, which also means our European excursion will soon begin. There is so much planning involved with a trip like this, but slowly the details are coming together. Among the countries we plan on visiting are Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and France. I can’t wait!


Crystal Galarza

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