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2011-11-11 Feeling at Home


Grüß Gott,

This entry will be short and sweet, and to the point.  Every program has its special feel. This is partly due to where you study abroad, but also the opportunities that your program offers.  As for the Linfield students, we recently had a wonderful opportunity to have traditional Austrian dinner.  In German the dinner is called, Gansl mit Knödl & Rotkraut; in English it is called goose with dumplings and red cabbage.  For this traditional dinner most of the Linfield students were able to meet up with one of our professors and the director of the school, Hermann, to enjoy this dinner.  As we ate we all talked in German, which is quite an accomplishment, and we had a great time. 

During our conversation, one of the things that struck me was  the topics we talked about.  When we talked the topic of fitting into another culture came up.  It takes time for a person to feel comfortable in a new culture, but an interesting aspect is, in reality the Linfield students and I have always been a part of the Viennese culture from the first day we arrived.  A person actually belongs and is part of a place from the moment they first start discovering and exploring it.  In our case we have been a part of the city for three months already.  Now that we have been here for awhile we are even a part of the city when we walk to school, or going through our other daily routines.  The interesting part is about the time a person starts to feel comfortable and realizes that they really are a part of a new culture, usually they also realize that they have to leave soon!  They realize they feel at home in the new culture and, now they have two homes: one abroad and one back in the States.

-Bis Später

Stephanie Raso, class of 2013

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