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2011-10-29 Finals Week

After two weeks of finals, trimester two has finally come to an end. Twelve weeks of classes and two weeks of final exams is the normal length of a trimester here at Deakin; October 7 concluded the end of classes. During this two-week final period a looming cloud of stress emerged over the Burwood student village, the laid-back atmosphere transformed into a quiet non-stop study zone. For many students, this time was for getting serious about class and playing catch-up for the twelve weeks of skipped lectures and readings. All of res was provided with three free dinners during this time, and my unit even had a “stress relief” ice cream treat too.

Luckily, I had only one final exam to attend at 6:15 pm. Deakin exams are very strict, and reminded me of taking the SAT back in the States. Hundreds of students were assigned to desks in large rooms where we were allotted exactly two hours to take the exam. An interesting addition to the Deakin exams was the mandatory 15-minute reading time, where students are only allowed to read the exam and not use a writing instrument. Nonetheless, I was relieved to be done with my exam.

After my final exam and the rest of my assignments turned in, I had the rest of the week to explore new parts of Melbourne and spend time with my friends before we all went our separate ways. The end of October also marks the “summer” weather in Melbourne, thus barbeque and pool parties ensued during my last week in Australia. Along with barbeques and a pool party, I took a quick trip to the trendy neighborhood and beach of St. Kilda where I enjoyed gelato and a sunset with a few of my close friends, it was a perfect way to spend one of my last days here in Melbourne.

On the final night living on res, the RA’s decided to throw a party in honor of the end of exams. It was a great time to say my final goodbyes to all of the wonderful Australian and international students I had met throughout the semester.  From pizza and dancing, to sad goodbyes, the last night on res was the perfect way to  end the semester. My time in Australia has been quick and I am sad to leave such an amazing country. Yet, I am satisfied with all of the experiences I have had and all of the new people I have met over the past 4 months.













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