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Journals from AUCP, Marseille, France

2011-10-19 Les Calanques: A retreat

This photo is worth its own post. 


The beaches, which are really rocky cliffs that lead into the water, of the Calanques are amazing. Simply one of my favorite things I have done here. The water is clear and refreshing. The sun beams down upon this haven, and the setting is magnificent! I have spent much time here - even on Wednesday afternoons after class!

From Marseille: Take the bus line 21 to Luminy and get off at the terminus. Hike down 1 hour to Le Sugiton and jump in. It's that easy! There is the green of the trees and bushes, the white of the calcic rock, and the deep blues of the Mediteranean and the clear sky above. 

Note: This post is in conjunction with the previous post "...In France..."

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