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Journals from AUCP, Marseille, France

2011-10-19 I am in France! Not just Marseille!

Cou cou mes amies! 

I have been busy taking advantage of all there is to do here. A good excuse, I believe for a late post! I have been exploring further outside of Marseille, which has helped me feel situated in France:

I was able to take an excursion out to the villages of 'le Luberon en Provence.' These tiny (especially in comparison to grand Marseille) villages are scattered throughout the national park of Luberon. I enjoyed great 'hillside' views (the mountains are nothing like the northwest mountains I am used to)  and a different taste of France. The little villages are full of people out and about. Somehow things seemed brigter, less weighed down with the stresses of the city. It was a relaxing breath of fresh air to get out of the city.

The photo featured with this post was in Lourmarin, a village known for its grand cathedral that acts as a blockade against enemies wanting to pass over the mountains. This village is also the grave site of one of my favorite French authors, Albert Camus. I hope he is no 'stranger' to you! Lourmarin was full of cats, old men, and old cars. There were quiet yet colorful streets to wander. It was absolutely picturesque. 

Another village I was able to visit was Roussillon. This village is very special for its amazing color! Everything is red--the rocks and the houses! Please take the time to google image search for the village of Roussillon, because my novice pictures hardly do it justice. It took a while for me to wash the red pigment out of my sandals when I returned home. I had walked through the red rocks just outside of the village. This village is known for its artistic history - many artists have profited from the use of painting with the natural pigments. 

Les Saintes Maries, Les Calanques, Cassis, Arles... My world here is expanding and I have no complaints about that!

Until next time,

Jennifer Derke



Note: Originally written October 12, 2011

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