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Journals from Deakin University, Australia

2011-10-19 Interning at Deakin

 During my time at Deakin University, I have been working as an intern for the Deakin University Art Collections and Galleries Unit (DUACG). Through Deakin, I was able to work out a way to count this internship as credit, as long as I worked 100 hours and undertook a project and written report that entailed a research component and journal. When initially employed as an intern for DUACG, I agreed to undertake the following duties: research art works in the collection, attend relevant talks by artists and curators, observe installations for upcoming exhibitions, write extended labels on artworks, install an artist book display in the library, and assist with collection audits and acquisitions. I was thrilled to have such a rare opportunity to intern in Australia, especially in a field that corresponds with my art major. 

            My time as an intern at DUACG proved to be exciting and a great learning experience. Completing 100 hours of an internship, while attending classes, and travelling around Melbourne and beyond proved to be challenging at times due to time constraints. Yet, in the end I believe the rare opportunity to intern for an art gallery was worth giving up some extra time. Some of the most exciting moments during my internship were the days I got to go with my bosses to various galleries in the city and look at artworks for acquiring and exhibiting. It was interesting to learn how public galleries like the Deakin Art Gallery work within Melbourne, and all the components it takes to make it run smoothly. I also had my own opportunity to curate an exhibition in the library featuring artist books of prominent local Melbourne artists.

            My knowledge of how to manage a large art collection within a public arena was limited before working with the DUACG. Yet, presently I am confident of how the Deakin art collection is maintained and upheld, and how it is contextualized within the realm of public, private, and university galleries. As an intern and student, I feel extremely privileged to have access to a wide range of artworks through the Deakin University database, and in the various buildings around campus. Through this experience, I have learned how culturally enriching art can be in a community and academic environment. All and all I thoroughly enjoyed my time interning at DUACG, and can see a future career in the arts. 

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