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Journals from New Zealand, University of Waikato

2011-10-13 So Much to Experience, So Little Time

 Kia Ora!

The semester here at the University of Waikato is coming to an end very soon.  We finish classes tomorrow and for the most part all of our assignments and projects are completed.  We’ve got a week to study until our two weeks of exams begin.  Thank goodness we’ve only got a few exams.  I’ve only got two exams, so I’m completely done with my other two courses already. I can’t believe it!

We’ve gotten a bit more traveling in since the last time I posted and if we find time between exams, we’ll probably explore some more.  With our flights home coming so fast, we are trying to take in as much of New Zealand as we can.

 We’ve been trying to get out of Uni as much as we can.  We’ve been hanging out with friends we’ve made here and catching all the rugby games that we can.  Megan, Amy, and I are actually going to watch the Bronze Final in a week and we are getting really excited.  We’ve explored areas close to us like Paeroa, where the New Zealand drink Lemon & Paeroa was created.  I traveled with some American friends to Wanganui and New Plymouth.  There were lots of surf beaches and we climbed up Paritutu Rock, as well as hiked Mt. Taranaki.  It was awesome.  Amy did some exploring as well in Rotorua.  She went to the mud bath spa, got to see some zorbing, and even went to a great marae.  Megan got the opportunity to venture over the Tasman and experience Sydney.  She loved Aussie and came back with great pictures and stories to tell.

 We are planning to travel up to the north of the North Island to experience Cape Reinga, 90-mile beach, and the Bay of Island area next.

 It’s so weird to think that the semester is almost done and everyone back at Linfield has only had mid-terms.  Hopefully, everyone is having as much fun studying as we are!

 Laters bro!

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