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2011-09-30 heaps of hard work, then... waitomo!

 Kia ora! Kia ora! Kia ora!


This past week was one of great amounts of studies, and so we’re all taking a day's rest today.  We are traveling out to Waitomo, just about an hour south of the city.  It is one of the high contenders for the top ten things to do in New Zealand!  What is so cool about is that in Waitomo there are a massive amount of underground caves.  We are going to be toured in those caves where we can see black water, glow worms, and cave cathedrals that make our untrained voices sound like those on American Idol—or at least we're hoping.  We are indeed tired out, but all the excitement to see another beautiful aspect of Aotearoa is surely brightening up our smiles.

We’ve been getting more and more nervous as time quickly passes by.  We’ve got heaps of studies to do for our many papers and exams to study for.  What makes us the most anxious is having to leave this country.  After being here for three months, we’ve settled ourselves into the Uni, and we’ve become comfortable in the town and in the culture.  We feel like this is now normal.  When people email or write to us asking how it’s going, our response, which used to be one of wide eyes and extreme amounts of exhilaration, is now one that is toned down and laid back.  We’ve gotten used to Aotearoa’s amazing and all-around beauty.  We are not taking our time here for granted, but we’ve simply come to an understanding that this land is a place of many, many, many great opportunities.

We have learned so much through papers as well as experiences here and we will continue to until we arrive back in the States.  We hope that those who are interested in traveling to New Zealand or interested in studying abroad here do so.  Aotearoa is mean as bro!!!


Til next blog!


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