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2011-09-30 As the Pieces Come Together

Now that Week 1 for Freshers (orientation week) is coming to an end, all the students are starting to settle in. They are beginning to learn their routes for lectures and memorizing their timetables (or schedules).  As international students from Linfield we’ve lucked out because our classes actually don’t start until Monday of next week. This extra time has been much needed, at least for me, as registering for classes here has been much more of a process than it is back home. At Linfield we do everything online and when you register you do so for the classes you need, and then you’re done. At Nottingham international students have to first meet with a professor, fill out paperwork specific to that department, and then sign up for seminars (smaller class sessions) separately from the lectures themselves. My modules all ended up in different departments, which added a little extra time and paperwork to everything I had to do. However, now that everything is done, I am quite content with the end result. After walking up and down this campus (that is slowly beginning to feel smaller), returning all the paperwork, and meeting with all the necessary people, I’m set to begin my lectures on Monday. Aside from classes we have also begun looking into volunteer work and societies (clubs) we can get involved with during our stay. The volunteer center I actually visited today and they are very helpful and have many different projects available. I have no doubt we will all find something fun to get involved with soon. Now that this is our last weekend before classes, we plan on taking full advantage of it. We started today with a visit to Nottingham Castle and plan on taking a trip to Sherwood Forest for a festival as well. Definitely good things to come!


Crystal Galarza

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