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2011-09-16 Life in Hong Kong


I have always wanted to share and augment the knowledge of my home culture while learning more about the people from the other side of the world. Fortunately, I have found a perfect place to study abroad –Hong Kong. In this, one of the most international vibrant cities, people from all other world gather together. Thus, it might be even more appropriate to describe foreigners as part of the city and exchange students as part of the school. The majority of the exchange students at HKBU feel immensely welcome; all the students, officers and professors are trying their best to help us get involved in the culture and campus life. Interestingly, Hong Kong people always show their amazingly robust energy and passion. In the past three weeks since I arrived in Hong Kong, I have already participated in more than twenty on-campus and off-campus events and activities!

The most interesting event to me was the Chinese traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Two of the local student ambassadors took a group of exchange students to a Hong Kong Hot Pot restaurant and then we went to the annual Fire Dragon Dance and Lantern Carnival at Victoria Park. In fact, Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday for family dinners and reunions. Hence, most of the local students who live in the residence hall were gone for the short break. However, it is amazing that these two local student ambassadors sacrifice their family time to show the exchange students the Chinese culture and tradition in order to prevent our feeling alone and left out by the culture! Likewise, there are lots of other examples that show HKBU’s students’ warmness and passion toward all the overseas exchange students. I suppose they might be a good representation for the virtue of Ren ()in Chinese philosophy –Confucianism, where people show an obligation of altruism and humanness for other individuals wihtin a community! In addition, it is not surprising in Hong Kong to find food from all over the world. Thus, no one should be worried about finding proper meals for oneself. Besides a variety of American food, we can also try delicious food from places such as some Asian and European countries with really good prices. I love Hong Kong and enjoy being immersed in varied cosmopolitan perspectives!  

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