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2011-09-12 Taking in Every Moment


Grüß Gott,

Something I constantly do is absorbing and noticing my surroundings.  What I have come to enjoy is observing people as I am going to the university.  Now that may seem a bit odd, but it reality it is a lot of fun and a person can learn a lot from observing other people. 

While watching people I have started to pick up on little cultural things, such as realizing that people who are biking have the right of way before pedestrians, but I’ve also noticed other things as well.  For instance, I’ve observed that everyone in the city has a purpose.  As I walk by people, I can tell they all have somewhere to go, even right down to the bumbling tourists who are plastered to their maps.  Even the tourists look up every once in a while from their maps and let themselves enjoy the amazing city they are surrounded by.  True, they normally have a dumbstruck or astounded look on their face, but in most cases even if they are lost or confused they are in reality right where they want to be.  The truth is they are experiencing the city, new culture, and a new lifestyle, and what more could you want?

So in the meantime I plan on enjoying every moment while I am here in Vienna.  Whether I am observing the people around me, or whether I have a purpose and a place to go to, I don’t want a second to pass me by.  And the next time you are walking past someone, don’t let a second pass you by either!  You never know what you may observe or learn.


-Stephanie Raso, class of 2013

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