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Journals from AUCP, Marseille, France

2011-09-04 Marseille: the city

Bonjour tout le monde! 

Wow, it is so exciting to be in France! This is my first visit to Europe ever, and I am so glad to be here in Marseille. My first thoughts upon arrival? It looks just like the pictures! The history is alive here. The buildings are older than some American cities, and it is a treat to become a part now of this lovely 2nd city of France (Paris being the first). 

Along with this first journal post is a photo of the view of the city from my room. I chose to post this because Marseille really is a bustling city. There are people all along the streets, walking, driving their small cars, or rather aggressively riding their motorcycles. I knew I was coming to the city, but the smell and general atmosphere are very striking. So far, I have had more personal difficulty getting used to (or finding my way through) the city, rather than adjusting to the French. That is my second struggle here.

The jet lag from the travel really affected me. I recommend sleeping whenever/wherever one can on the trip over here. I tried to sleep but was too nervous and worried to do so. So now, on my second night, I hope I will soon catch up! Being tired did not help my French speaking at all. As school starts, I look forward to becoming more aware of this new culture I am in.

Au revoir

Jennifer Derke

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