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2011-08-30 Adjusting

 Hello from Wien or as the informal hello goes, Grüß Gott


Let me formally welcome you to the first entry of many more to come. These journals will follow the study abroad experience of the Linfield Fall 2011 group in Austria.  To start off, after many long flights and for some of us almost 24hrs of traveling in total, our small group of 4 people finally arrived in Vienna.  Although our program is officially in Vienna we recently returned from Dorfgastein, which is a small town in the middle of the Alps.  We spent a breathtaking and amazing 10 days there.  We had German language review and when we weren’t busy reviewing, we were hiking, or enjoying a traditional fest/ party that occurred while we were there.  It was neat to start off our study abroad experience in the small town of Dorfgastein, because it was so welcoming.

Now having returned to Vienna we have now officially started our classes at the AAIE.  Even though Dorfgastein was welcoming and Vienna is a wonderful gem, one of the things that I have noticed is when thrown into a new culture, part of experiencing it is adjustment.  For some of us, it’s adjusting to a new language and learning to communicate differently.  For others it’s missing home, and yet others it’s learning to be comfortable in a big city and overcoming what can seem overwhelming.  Of course, those are perhaps some of the negative adjustments.  There have been positive adjustments too!  Like for instance getting to know our host families, going to Kaffee houses, and wandering around the streets of Vienna and finding all the treasures it holds.  I know all of us are excited to discover more and I know we will adjust and grow as people along the way.




Stephanie Raso, 2013 


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