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2011-08-30 Half and half, it's not just about coffee


Willkommen to September!

            It’s hard to believe that the Linfield Austria group has been here for a month already.  It has been an exciting month, with everything we have done and accomplished.  One of the most amazing things that we are all enjoying is the realization of how far we have already come with our German language understanding and usage.  Of course nothing is ever easy!  We are certainly still learning. 

For instance, an experience that I had was one afternoon I wanted to get two errands accomplished.  First I was interested in finding a dance studio and two I wanted to get a student train card.  With the dance studio I had an address and I finally figured out what bus to take to get to the studio.  The only problem was once I got to the right address there wasn’t any studio!  This led to my disappointment and confusion.  I had hoped to find the studio and sign up for a class.  I had even mentally prepped what I wanted to say.  So in the end I decided the dance studio was a let down and I might as well move on and try to go and buy a student train card.  This meant I needed to get to the opposite end of the city to get to the train station to buy the card.  So after one bus, and two U-bahn rides later I was at the train station.  From there I was able to buy the card.  Lucky for me the representative at the station was very patient and helpful as I filled out the needed form for the student card.

 So this leads me to a little saying I’ve developed while here.  “Half and half”  Now when I say “Half and half” I don’t just mean cream for your coffee--and, by the way, the cafés in Vienna are amazing--but I mean taking things for what they are and moving on--taking one half and letting other half go. Sometimes you don’t always get everything right, like I couldn’t find the dance studio, but I was able to get the student card for the train.  So one “half” of my errands didn’t work.  No big deal, the other “half” did and sometimes that’s all a person can do!


-Bis später

Stephanie Raso, 2013

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