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Journals from Bø, Norway

2011-08-29 Welcome to Norway!

Hi, my name is Sara and I am beginning my study abroad journey in Bo, Norway! I will be participating in the Outdoor Life program here in Norway while at Linfield I am studying Exercise Science. Today is now my 6thday in Norway and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences so far! I left from Minnesota on August 18thand flew to Iceland first. The moment I stepped on that plane I knew my adventure had started when I heard all the flight attendants speaking a different language. From Iceland I flew to Oslo, Norway and since my flight left 2 hours late I missed my train to Bo. However, after a little bit of confusion, I got a new train ticket, contacted the people that were picking me up at the train station, exchanged my money and even got a cup of coffee. After a very long day of traveling I arrived in Bo and was warmly welcomed by Norwegian students. The first few hours in Norway are kind of a blur now, but I know that the first thing I thought when I looked out the window was that pictures don’t do Norway justice…it really is breathtakingly beautiful!

                In only 6 days I have accomplished so much here already! During my first day in Bo, I walked around town and visited some shops. Shop after shop I just looked around until finally I got the courage to walk up to the counter and actually buy something…this can be a daunting task when everyone is talking in a different language! The next few days were filled with student orientation. It was so great to finally meet other international students as well as our Norwegian student guides (aka our own personal tour guides and dictionaries!). Since the weather was nice during our orientation week, we found time to take a trip to a lake not far from town. The water was quite cold, but we had a blast jumping in off the diving boards and enjoying the beauty of the area. I can’t wait to explore more of Norway in my Outdoor Life class! Everyone I have met here has been so amazing, they are so willing to help as long as you ask and they even have the patience to help me learn some Norwegian. I think that their hospitality has really made this first week here so great! Seeing the amazing scenery and meeting so many wonderful people makes my love for Norway keep growing every minute! Thanks for reading; I know I’ll have more to write about soon!

Ha det bra,


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