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Journals from Austria

2011-08-20 Painter's Palette

August 20, 2011

Guten Tag,


One thing that people will quickly notice in Europe, if they are not too familiar with the region, is in the major cities there is always a combination of old and new.  For instance, take Vienna or Salzburg, two important cities in Austria, both of which our group has had the pleasure of spending time in.  In both places a person can easily notice the blend of old and new.  This combination is evident in the architecture of the buildings, streets, and even right down to the shop signs.  What I find fascinating about all of this is each building has a story, a history that is reflected in the architecture, one that describes what was important to the rulers or people of that era.  Even without having an in-depth knowledge of architecture, I’ve noticed that buildings were a way to express what people believed in, and what they aspired to be.  Designing and building was literally another form of art.  It allowed artists to take their palettes and create, sculpt, and paint, these breathtaking cities and towns.  These artists helped carve out lasting pieces of work that would reflect Europe’s rich and deep history and there is so much history to learn and take in. We have all been on tours to learn more about these wonderful places and I know we will continue to learn, as we fully start all of our culture and history classes.  Till next time.



 Stephanie Raso 2013

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