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Journals from Oaxaca, Mexico

2011-04-24 End of April

Now that we’re nearing the end, I have got to say the month of April really just flew by. Everyone in the group got sick this month, one way or another, but thankfully we’re all feeling better now and very excited about our impending travel to Chiapas.

I hate to have to be “catching up” on these blog entries. I really thought I would be able to log on and keep more of an active account of the goings on here in Oaxaca but our days are pretty much filled with classes and activities, and my internet connection, like I mentioned before, has not always been that great.

That being said, I hope to at least be a little more verbal this last month of the trip because I do enjoy writing to whoever is reading these and letting you in on the goings on of this amazing group.

Our Spanish grammar class ended this month. I hate to say it, but I think the group is pretty relieved. Our teachers were great and each of us did learn at least one thing we had not learned before but a lot of it felt like review, at least for me, especially in terms of going over the subjunctive mood. That being said, it is always good to practice practice practice what you’ve learned because that’s the only way it will ever stick. I definitely feel like I’ve become more comfortable with my Spanish speaking and understanding abilities through means outside of the classroom (including speaking with my Oaxacan friends and host family) but this class at least helped me to polish my writing skills so I will give it that. You will get different reviews from each person in the group with regards to the course, but overall I think everyone for the most part enjoyed it….they just may be enjoying themselves a little more now that we’ve started our cultural workshops which take place in lieu of the class.

Speaking of those cultural workshops, we have already had two of them. We chose to take Salsa lessons and cooking lessons and we are doing the cooking first. Last week we learned how to make Flor de Calabaza soup (squash flower), Tlayudas (traditional Oaxacan dish, kind of like a Mexican pizza), Potato Quesadillas and Flautas (we MADE the tortillas). So far it's been fascinating and delicious. 

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