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Journals from Oaxaca, Mexico

2011-03-21 !vamos a la playa!


Puerto Escondido

We had a Friday off a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to take a trip to the coast.

The drive there was one of the worst experiences of our lives----well, until we had to make the drive back…because the highway one takes to the coast of Oaxaca is hairpin turn after hairpin turn and we had to do this while sitting cramped in a stuffy van for about 6 hours.

I am not prone to motion sickness, but unfortunately some in our group are. That being said, we still had a fabulous time at the beach and made some memories we won’t soon forget.

We stayed at a hostel, but with private rooms, that was located within walking distance from three beautiful beaches in the town of Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port), Playa Manzanillo, Angelito, and Carrizalillo. We were also a quick drive from the “main drag” of town, which is known as playa Zicaltela.

The hostel we stayed at really was amazing. It’s owned and run by a family and they were always so sweet and accommodating. The daughter spoke some English, too, and she would take us in her truck to the farther beach sometimes. The rooms were decent, and we had hot water. Much of the hostel had recently been remodeled, so the common areas looked fabulous. There were hammocks and a fabulous swimming pool that was just like bathwater.

I cannot even begin to describe the beaches. Manzanillo and Angelito were a bit crowded but Carrizalillo was a little calmer. All of them were absolutely gorgeous, though. I was in the water for 9 hours that weekend, I think. Most of the group took a boat tour our first morning, there, and got to pet a sea turtle (which apparently later peed on one of the life vests). A bunch of us all went on one of those Banana boats, too, which was way fun, as well.

We met other travelers from the States, from Norway, and from Veracruz. It was neat to find and talk to other tourists, but that also may have been the one thing we were a little disappointed about. Other than our hostel family, we didn’t really have too many conversations with locals. 

The food was delicious. Drinking out of a coconut….we all did it.

But overall (despite the travel there) it was a very nice little trip.   

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