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2011-03-20 St. Patrick's Day!


17 March 2011

First off, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  It should be a great day, with celebrations taking place all day long.  The Irish take a lot of pride in this holiday.  There is going to be a parade at noon with all of the local clubs, schools, and societies participating.  For the rest of the afternoon my roommates and I are planning on going to the bay, as long as the weather warms up – my fingers are crossed.

In other news, life seems to be very busy here.  We only have two weeks left of lectures in the semester.  I find it crazy because Linfield students are just now having Spring Break, which means it is only half way through the semester for them.  Because I only have essays due in my classes, I am in serious paper writing mode right now.  I have eight essays total, all due within the next four weeks, and I’m very behind.  I tend to procrastinate and now have to catch up, which is a little bit stressful, but I know everything will work out. 

Two weekends ago I did a tour of the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula through Galway Tour Company.  It was a great trip.  Unfortunately the day we toured the Ring of Kerry, it was pretty foggy, so we weren’t able to see as much, but what we did was beautiful.  I loved Dingle.  It was a charming little town and the countryside was really neat.  In a lot of ways it is what I “expected” Ireland to be like.  It was a so green and views of the ocean were spectacular.  I have come to the conclusion that I am going to retire along the Dingle Peninsula and care for baby sheep.

Last weekend I went to Edinburgh, Scotland with my roommate.  It is probably my favorite place that I have visited outside of Ireland so far.  It is a quaint town with so much history.  The city of Edinburgh is built on top of another city and they give underground tours of it.  My roommate and I tried to get on the tour, but the tickets were sold out.  Even though we weren’t able to go, it was still neat to learn about it.  Also, the Elephant House is located there, which is the birthplace of Harry Potter.  It was lovely to sip a cup of tea and enjoy the charm of the café.

The weather is finally starting to warm up, which is so nice.  It is actually a lot like Linfield because when it is a sunny day, everyone goes outside to soak up the Vitamin D.  The town is starting to get busy, too, which I think is due to the nicer weather.

All in all, life is grand here.  I’m havin’ the craic as they would say. 

Have a very Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Elizabeth Bond

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