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Journals from Ireland, National University of Ireland in Galway

2011-02-03 Summary of the first month

We are almost all done meeting with the Guarda and registering with the Immigration Bureau. We each had individual meeting set up through NUIG. The meeting was very simple, we were required to provide our passports, pay a fee, and show proof of residence. We now have an ID that proves our residence in Ireland that we are required to carry around. The only difficult part for everyone seemed to be finding the office! The directions were confusing, but we are all on our way to becoming legal in Ireland!

The group is doing great and we just registered for classes on Thrusday, January 20. Most of us are taking seminar courses including the Development of the Castle, Imagining Modern Ireland, and Celtic Mythology. I also know some students like Arielle and Anders are taking Irish Language and Brenna and Emily I believe are taking a couple business courses. Everyone seems to be enjoying classes and social life in Ireland. We all went to Dublin this past weekend and stayed in a local hostel. We did some sightseeing and had a great time on a little adventure for the weekend.

 Some of us have also joined some societies on campus. We all also went on a hike through the Mountaineering Club last Sunday, Cate has joined the sailing club and Christy has joined the Trad Music Society. Last Tuesday we all went to watch her play her fiddle at a local pub and she did great!

Hope all is well where you are!


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