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Journals from Jan Term Health Care in India

2011-01-31 Homeopathic Cancer and General Hospital

 Jaipur—Today we visited the homeopathic cancer and general hospital. We were welcomed by the staff and they generously showed us around their facility. It was interesting to learn about alternative forms of treatment for all types of chronic diseases, illnesses, and even cancer.  One interesting treatment used in homeopathy is that they give patients various substances diluted 100 or more times to stimulate the immune response.  I learned that homeopathy and naturopathy techniques are combined to holistically treat their patients. In naturopathy they have therapies such as mud baths to help reduce cysts and UTIs.  They also use warm leg and arm baths to treat high blood pressure and massage to relax and soothe the body. They believe medications reduce one’s immunity so patients are tapered off allopathic medications and homeopathic remedies are introduced.

The staff at this facility are dedicated to their work and I could tell they are proud of what their facility has to offer. It was difficult for me to accept that naturopathy and homeopathy could cure chronic diseases and illnesses, but it was intriguing to listen to patient success stories and see how involved the staff was with their patients. In the United States, we often rely on scientific proof before we can accept something as fact.  The homeopathic facility challenged me to look at medicine from a different perspective.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the homeopathic hospital because it gave me more insight to India’s health care, providing me an outlook on alternative forms of medicine as well.



Celia Priebe

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