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Journals from Jan Term Health Care in India

2011-01-12 Apollo Hospitals - School of Nursing

We visited the Apollo School of Nursing on January 6th. When we first arrived to the facility, it was wonderful to see how open and clean the campus was. It was great to see the nursing students peer out their windows from the classrooms. We learned about Apollo's programs and goals of the nursing degree. They have a four year program for their bachelor of nursing degree. They also have postgraduate programs too. They also provide jobs for the graduates, whether they stay in India or work internationally. We also had a tour of the facility which offers several classrooms, offices and laboratories for their studies.

My favorite experience was talking to all the girls. They are so curious to ask questions about our lifestyles in America. Everyone was so kind and altruistic to us and I couldn't keep a smile off my face seeing them all.

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