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Journals from France, Angers

2011-01-08 The End

        Four months is comimg to the end, and it’s time to say goodbye. The last day of class, everyone shows up. We take pictures, and embrace each other. We bring lots of snacks to class, and play games together. I bring my notebook to class and ask friends write down their addresses, so that we can keep contact. I enjoy my class a lot for everyone is full of passion to learn French, and they are willing to help me whenever I get into trouble. The Langue professor Emily, she is so nice and patient. In class, she is professional; out of class, she will join our trip and party. My classmates are from Japan, Korea, China, America, Canada, Poland, Slovenia and Russia, it is a big international family. Therefore, I get to know not only France, but the world as well. Sometimes, after class, we held a party and everyone brought a traditional food from their hometown. It was so cool and I will never forget it.

      Saying goodbye is sad, but I am leaving with a lot of memories, that’s enough. After this semester, I will suggest that all of my friends take part in the exchange program, for it gives so much more than imagination.

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