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Journals from France, Angers

2011-01-08 Travel in Europe 2

        I am not the type of person that makes plans in advance and I regret that fact because I now realize that making travel plans in advance is very important. Not only does it make the trip easier, but it also saves a great deal of money. During this semester, I made five out of France trips, which normally would have cost at least 400 euro per trip, including air, train and bus tickets, hotel fees, and eating. However, I soon learned that one of my friends, who is an American girl managed to take at least ten trips out of the country for alot less than 400 euros per trip. She booked everything the summer before the semester started and she told me that it only cost her 1500 euro in total. In addition, the most amazing deal is that she bought a round-trip air ticket to England and only spent 10 euro. It is little lessons like this that i will cherish in my memories forever. I have some valuable travel experience that I want to share with you as well. As soon as you are done with everything for studying abroad, like connecting with your host family in France and your visa, you should immediately start to plan your trips. I normally got the train ticket from the official website of SNCF. SNCF or TGV is the high-speed train which is wildly used in France, and the price is fairly reasonable, for example, a round trip ticket from Paris to Angers normally costs around 45 euro. It is important to remember to get your last train ticket from Angers to Charles De Gaulle Airport early because around big holidays train tickets will sell out quickly and the price will be extremely high if you buy it at the last second. I purchased my last ticket about one month in advance, but some of my friends who did not buy it early enough had been told that the tickets were sold out. For this reason they had to go to Paris one day before. Another place that you could buy air tickets from is,,, or I have to mention that ryanair is a cheap air company, and it is an excellent choice if you don’t mind that you have to print the boarding pass by yourself, water and food is not served during flight, and the airport is a little bit farther away and because of this you have to take bus to get there. Lastly, i would like to suggest that you e-mail the university in France to ask the date of the vacation, so that you could plan some of your trips during the vacation times.

         Roma and Vienna were my last two trips. Needless to say, I ordered pasta, pizza and ice-cream for every meal in Roma, and they were fantastic! Simultaneously, there is so many sites and so much history there. My suggestion is to spend three days in Roma at the minimum, four days would be sufficient, but five days would be perfect. I only had three days there, therefore, it was difficult to see everything and I was exhausted by the end of the trip and eventually got sick. In December, I found my favorite city in Europe, Vienna! The food in Vienna is all about meat, haha…… Not only the meat-dish, but all of the other food is delicious as well. One morning, my friend and I, randomly walked into a cafe and ordered two Vienna breakfast's, and each of them contains three pieces of toast, a big cup of juice, a cup of water, a cup of cappuccino, meat jam, fruit jam, an egg, two pieces of meat and two pieces of cheese. Do you think that filled me up? Additionally, Sacher is a great place to taste Vienna dessert, Wiener Schnitzel is famous restaurant to have pork chops, everything in Cafe Griensteidl is great. If the time is available, you should try all of them.

     This concludes my travel experience in Europe. I hope that it helps you a little bit for your future trips.

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