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2011-01-08 Test in December

                 In reality, we only have half a month in December. For the students who will leave before Christmas, the rest of the time means test test test. Personally, I have two writing tests, two listening tests, two Langue tests, two grammar tests, and two speaking tests; you can see everything is double because half of them are final tests for this semester. Each course has its own grade system. For example, in my grammar class, we have three big exams every month, and each month, there are two or three quizzes generally; therefore, my grade is based on the average point of those quizzes, three big exams, final test, and attendance. However, my Langue professor pays high attention to the homework and attendance; however, there is no homework in my listening class, so the test means everything. I think I am doing ok with the writing and memorizing parts, listening is always the worse, and speaking makes me nervous. Speaking test in Langue class is a little bit different. It’s a test between one student and two professors, one of them from a different class who you might not know and the other one is your professor, and it is about 30 minutes with two parts. The first ten minutes, you will randomly pick a document or topic, and then you prepare it. Afterwards, in the following 20 minutes, you firstly need to introduce yourself, and then talk about your documents, like what’s the theme, what’s your opinion about it, and explain some details in the document. Simultaneously, professors will pose different questions, so the time will run out fast, for there is much to talk about. By the way, there is a big test including writing and reading in the last week, it is just like the placement test in the beginning of this semester, but this time, different level has its proper exam. I feel that I did good job in the big test, and I am proud of myself for I see my improvement. I still clearly remember that there were few things I could comprehend in the first placement test, and the reading part was so hard for me, however; now I can understand all the documents in my test, and writing properly and fluently.

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