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Journals from German language program; Austria

2010-11-04 Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween time and believe it or not the Viennese youth love to celebrate this holiday as much as we do back home. Tomorrow is another important holiday for the Austrians and that is “All Saints Day”. Many Viennese will go out tomorrow evening and visit their beloved ones who have passed away and set flowers on their graves. The group gets to go to the Zentralfriedhof and take a tour with Dr. Hanreich (culture professor). Approximately three million people are buried in this cemetery and many well-known composers and musicians are buried here such as Beethoven, Brahms and Strauss. After our trip to the cemetery we will have dinner at a popular restaurant known for having the best beer in Vienna and amazing typical Viennese cuisine such as Wiener schnitzel and potato Knodel!

Yesterday we got to work at a wine vineyard for a few hours. These hours went towards our social project hours and it was a great experience for all of us. We enjoyed working out in the country and being outside of the city for a while. The owner of the vineyard was very welcoming and his wife cooked the most amazing home-cooked Austrian dinner! The group agrees that this has definitely been one of the best home-cooked dinners we’ve had so far. November is around the corner and Thanksgiving is coming up! The institute is organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for the students and we get to take our host families. Then in December the institute is also organizing a Christmas party before we leave and that should be fun! Christmas markets are opening in two weeks and that means we get to eat the many Austrian Christmas delights and buy Christmas souvenirs to take back home. So much to do and so little time! Bis November!

Marissa Estrada

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