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Journals from German language program; Austria

2010-11-04 Hallo wunderbar Mensch!

This has been a hectic week because midterms are finally here! We are all reviewing our class notes and gathering for small study sessions at coffee shops. Actually, today I had a delicious cup of white chocolate mocha and to compliment a piece of Apfelkuche! You seriously need to watch your diet while in Vienna otherwise you will gain quite a few pounds! You can’t help it, everywhere you turn your eyes get a glimpse of either wonderful looking desserts at Ströck (popular bakery in Vienna) or mouthwatering sandwiches at Der Mann (popular sandwich shop in Vienna).

We have also began working on our social projects. What is the social project? The Linfield students are basically required to do community service and work with an organization that will allow you to give back to the community. My social project involves working with an elementary school, and what I am required to do is give basic English lessons to fourth graders. We work on pronunciation and the kids were definitely excited to meet someone from the United States. I really enjoy my social project because I get to interact with kids who are interested in learning my language just as I am excited to learn theirs. Keith is working with children as well at another elementary school. Jade and Helena are working with a Polish family and teaching their kids English, and Barbara and Jasper are working with adults at non-profit organization.

Finally, classes at the University have begun and we have had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. In my class there is an vast variety of cultures and there is at least eleven countries represented. I was really impressed to see the diversity in my class and I was glad to be part of that.

That is all for now folks! Bis bald!

Marissa Estrada

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